Ability Advertising is a full service advertising agency. We believe consumers do not see “Traditional”, “Digital”, “Social” or “Mobile” media silos. They just live their lives. Our job is to figure out which platforms speak to our target audiences throughout their day. There truly is no finish line, for the mix of platforms is changing constantly.

Our agency has driven many decorated creative efforts and coordinated local, regional and national campaigns for the last two decades. We believe that attractive, clean creative with a strong call to action is critical to success at all levels. Ability Advertising distinguishes itself from other agencies by understanding that campaigns should always be measurable and accountable; sales is the bottom line.




If you cannot measure it you cannot manage it. What needs to be accomplished? How much is the budget? How can we measure it? What are the expectations of performance when money is spent? What historical data or case studies are available to help us make better recommendations? How can we look at these challenges with a 360 degree perspective?


What is the plan?

The depth of the plan is driven by the degree of the challenge. We believe that plans should be as measurable as possible. There is no substitute for trial and error. Once a campaign begins it should be constantly measured, analyzed and optimized. Repeat. Measure, analyze, optimize.  Repeat.


Creative Matters

Consumers are overwhelmed with an abundance of messages. Creative should be clean, clear, warm, and appropriate for the platform it is featured on. Creative should have common denominators across all platforms that continually forward the brand. Good creative needs to be more than beautiful or quirky, it needs to speak to the target audience with a direct call to action.


Accountability Matters

We are a transparent organization. We document and footnote every position we take. Media partners and vendors respect us for we thoroughly respect and inspect their work. We truly serve as an extension of our clients and always try to act in their best interests.  Our word is our bond.


There is no finish line

We live in the most exciting age in advertising history. There have never been more platforms and theories of analysis. As much as things have changed, many principles of advertising have remained the same. Advertisers still need to move their products and services. Trial and error has no finish line. We are lifelong students of our craft. We pride ourselves on staying on top of every emerging platform. We research them daily and test them until their ultimate effectiveness can be determined.  Then we repeat the process.

The Team

Rich Zirkel


Rich has worked in media, digital media, and advertising for the past 30 years. After graduating with a degree in Radio and Television Sales Management, he began a 20 year career in Radio and Television Sales and Management. He started the agency in 2005. It has grown from a small local shop to one of the West Coast’s finest firms. The agency reflects his passion for excellence and accountability. Actions always speak louder than words. Rich is a man of action. His involvement with local youth sports and his position as Chairman of the Board of the San Francisco Giants Community Fund underscore Rich’s commitment to the community.


Jason Krams

Creative Director

Jason has worked with the agency since 2007. He is a graduate of the esteemed University of Southern California School of Cinema-Television. He has produced and directed hundreds of commercials. Over his 25 year career Jason has produced quality short and long form video. He is a multiple Silver Telly and CAB Award winner. Jason is a true master of his craft. He oversees all of our Video and Digital production.

Jackie Zirkel


Jackie has been the agency’s CFO since 2005. She has spent her entire 19 year career working in media or advertising business departments. After graduating with an Economics degree she accepted a job at Goodby, Silverstein and Partners. Jackie eventually ended up at Susquehanna Broadcasting in San Francisco for 5 years. She worked in the Business Department until she was named the youngest Traffic Director in the company’s history. Jackie played sports in college and is still athletically engaged. She is currently President of her local school board. Jackie and her team work directly with client and media Business Departments.

Nick Spillner

Senior Account Supervisor

Nick is a Bay Area native who has been working in marketing for the past 10 years. He is a proud Arizona State University graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing. Nick spent 8 years working for two of the most recognized advertising agencies in San Francisco before joining the Ability team. He loves to play sports, enjoy the outdoors, and spend time with his growing family. Nick has extensive experience in Sports Marketing, Hospitality, Automotive and Retail. He is a skilled marketing professional with an outstanding reputation in the industry.

Nick McAllister

Account Supervisor/Digital Analyst

Nick is a graduate from Saint Mary’s College with a degree in Business Marketing. Having worked for the Golden State Warriors and San Francisco Giants in their client hospitality department, Nick has several years of experience working in the sports landscape. Nick enjoys playing soccer, hiking and biking with his wife, and rooting for his hometown Portland sports teams. He is involved in managing and optimizing all digital and social campaigns as well as organizing media buys across all platforms.

Claire Arakaki

Creative Associate & Planner

Claire is a talented creative designer who has studied in Florence, Shanghai and Los Angeles.  She interned at Ability, before being hired full time.  Claire is a proud graduate of Saint Mary’s College of California, where she split majored in art and business with a concentration in digital media and marketing.  She has extensive creative and digital skills with a history of marketing success.  Claire played golf in High School and rowed on Saint Mary’s Varsity Rowing team.  Her positive energy and creative insight are great assets to the Ability team.

Kevin Miguel

Digital Analyst

Kevin started with the agency in 2011, after graduating from the University of the Pacific with a degree in Communications and Psychology. He is well versed in digital and social optimization, as well as SEM and SEO. He oversees or contributes to our larger accounts. Kevin excels in Sports Marketing and measurable results. He enjoys travel, live entertainment and giving back to the community. Kevin currently volunteers with his church, passes out meals to the homeless with CityTeam and coaches basketball for the San Jose Zebras.

Pero Headshot

 Pero Petricevic

Web Designer and Developer

Pero is in his fifth year with the agency.  He is a graduate from University of California, Davis.  Pero is a digital media expert with an emphasis on user experience, design and creative problem solving.  He draws on his past experience with photography, industrial design and sculpture to approach design challenges.  Pero volunteers at a local start-up incubator where he advises young entrepreneurs.


 Scott Raggio

Creative Contributor

Scott joined the agency in 2014. He is a proud graduate of San Jose State University, with a degree in Creative Arts.  Scott has been working in agency production and digital advertising for many years now. He has become a strong Digital and Social planner, with detailed optimization skills.  He excels with creative concepts and has an excellent digital background. He enjoys traveling, playing guitar, art, film and fitness.

Head Shot_Doug-WhiteBack

Doug Zirkel

Digital Printing

Doug has been with the agency since it began in 2005. He is a graduate of DePaul University, with a degree in Marketing. He specializes in high volume and traditional and digital mailing services. Doug has success stories from a wide range of industries. He has been working in the industry for 25 years. Doug enjoys travel, athletics and volunteering for his  church.

What We Do

Media Planning

Proper preparation is critical to sound planning. We like to consider all options and build in time for potential partners to compete. Planning, consideration and competition are the keys to create a qualified selection of media options and platforms for a client’s review.

Media Buying

Successful buying comes from the knowledge of appropriate platforms, buying power, history with the platforms and negotiating skills. Any agency can buy media. We use our relationships, buying power and advanced negotiating skills to create efficient, measurable campaigns that work.


Branding is the most over used and least understood term in marketing. It is ambiguous and rarely measured. Every investment should be measurable. We are experts at developing brand and rebranding strategies that are measurable, clean and consistent across all platforms.


There are many levels of creative. Some needs are basic. Many basic campaigns still lack a “Who, What, Where, and Why”. Consumers are bombarded with more messages than ever. Sometimes you just need to keep it simple. For more sophisticated advertisers, beautiful, high level creative is needed. We work with some of the most high-end directors in the world. All creative must inspire. Quality creative should be consistently inspirational on all platforms.

Sports Marketing

We have been a part of many world-class events over the years. From Pac-12 Athletics to PGA Tour events to the Presidents Cup to US Opens. Our agency has excelled at promoting and selling out big ticket events on the West Coast and around the country. We understand how to market and sell a perishable inventory. We also see the value of Sports Marketing with our non-sports related clients. As media consumption becomes more and more fragmented, sports continue to offer one of the few “broad brush” platforms left to utilize.

Event/Cause Marketing

Sporting events can also fall under event marketing. Many golf tournaments have five or six events within the week. Each may require a campaign within the campaign to promote properly. We have also worked for many years locally with the San Francisco Giants Community Fund and nationally with the National Brain Tumor Society. We understand the inherent urgency that successful Event Marketing requires.

Destination Marketing

Through our golf clients we have become destination marketers. We have worked with tournaments in San Diego, Sonoma, San Francisco, Bethesda, Maryland, Pebble Beach and Napa Valley. All campaigns have required a deep understanding of the areas primary, secondary and tertiary markets. Solid creative and a great product are critical to the success of Destination Marketing.

Sales Consultant

The agency has a deep history and understanding of the importance of sales and the need for marketing to drive it. We attempt to tie all outcomes into sales and often consult clients and their staffs on potential strategic partnerships and prospects.

Public Relations

We will often handle basic Public Relations needs. In many cases we work hand in hand with an existing PR Firm to maximize their effectiveness and eliminate any duplication of services.


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